Adjust the vertical and horizontal alignment of the label of xline function

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alpedhuez 2021년 8월 7일
댓글: alpedhuez 2021년 8월 9일
xline function is nice.
There is an example of "Adjust the vertical and horizontal alignment of the label" at
Following an example in the online document, I have created an example. Although I can draw the plot, the label is not aligned in the middle as it should be.
I have attached a screenshot. What is wrong?

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Dave B
Dave B 2021년 8월 7일
편집: Dave B 2021년 8월 7일
This would be much easier to diagnose if you put your code in the question instead of a picture, but I belive you used a number 1 for defining x1, and a letter L for setting the property.
make sure you use the same variable name and it should work!
(suspicion confirmed by zooming in):
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