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How to split table cell into two columns based on data type?

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Jessica Jiaying
Jessica Jiaying 2021년 8월 7일
댓글: Jessica Jiaying 2021년 8월 9일
I have imported my data using readtable so that it is currently like this:
I would like to further split the data in the two selected columns (Res1 and Res2) so that each row looks like this:
(Taking the first row as an example and each tab delimiting each column)
7.8610 8.3600 659 1318 H Y 23 H H 20
where "Y23" and "H20" are now split into "Y", "23", "H", "20" respectively in separate columns.
I will greatly appreciate any advice, thank you!
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Jessica Jiaying
Jessica Jiaying 2021년 8월 7일
To add on, the values for "Res1" and "Res2" are all a character followed by numbers (can be 1 or 2) with no spacing in between as this is an output derived from a program.

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Yazan 2021년 8월 8일
편집: Yazan 2021년 8월 8일
Below is an example with toy data showing what you need to do.
clc, clear,
T1 = [1;2]; T2 = {'Y12'; 'Y2'}; T3 = {'H12'; 'H0'};
T = table(T1, T2, T3);
% get letters and digits of column 2
T2Str = erase(T.T2, digitsPattern);
T2Dig = erase(T.T2, lettersPattern);
% get letters and digits of column 3
T3Str = erase(T.T3, digitsPattern);
T3Dig = erase(T.T3, lettersPattern);
% new table
Tnew = table(T1, T2Str, T2Dig, T3Str, T3Dig);
T1 T2 T3 __ _______ _______ 1 {'Y12'} {'H12'} 2 {'Y2' } {'H0' }
T1 T2Str T2Dig T3Str T3Dig __ _____ ______ _____ ______ 1 {'Y'} {'12'} {'H'} {'12'} 2 {'Y'} {'2' } {'H'} {'0' }
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Jessica Jiaying
Jessica Jiaying 2021년 8월 9일
Thank you so much Yazan! Your example code allowed me to understand how to apply to my data perfectly.

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