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How to find y-axis data for a certain x-axis value

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Sumit Saha
Sumit Saha 2021년 8월 3일
댓글: dpb 2021년 8월 3일
I've tried to find IM_Collapse_find_S1M for 5km, 10 km, 15 km but it's giving wrong values. Actually values will increase gradually from 5km to 15 km but through this code I'm getting opposite nature. I don't know why I'm getting such errors.
load MIDR_S1M.xlsx
load PGA_EQ.xlsx
PGA_Scale = [0.1:0.1:2.4];
xi = linspace(0,0.1,24);
MIDR_S1M_Rupture_5km = [MIDR_S1M(1,:);MIDR_S1M(4,:);MIDR_S1M(7,:);MIDR_S1M(10,:)];
MIDR_S1M_Rupture_10km = [MIDR_S1M(2,:);MIDR_S1M(5,:);MIDR_S1M(8,:);MIDR_S1M(11,:)];
MIDR_S1M_Rupture_15km = [MIDR_S1M(3,:);MIDR_S1M(6,:);MIDR_S1M(9,:);MIDR_S1M(12,:)];
for tt = 1:12
yi = interp1(MIDR_S1M(tt,:),PGA_EQ(tt,1)*PGA_Scale,xi,'nearest','extrap') ;
h1 = plot(xi,yi,'linewidth',1.5);hold on;
Desire_Limit_Collapse = 0.02; % values to be calculated from the graph corresponding this Desire_Limit_Collapse
for ii= 1:12
IM_Collapse_find_S1M(ii)= interp1(MIDR_S1M(ii,:),PGA_EQ(ii,1)*PGA_Scale,Desire_Limit_Collapse,'nearest','extrap');
IM_Collapse_find_S1M_Rupture_5km = [IM_Collapse_find_S1M(1,1);IM_Collapse_find_S1M(1,4);IM_Collapse_find_S1M(1,7);IM_Collapse_find_S1M(1,10)];
IM_Collapse_find_S1M_Rupture_10km = [IM_Collapse_find_S1M(1,2);IM_Collapse_find_S1M(1,5);IM_Collapse_find_S1M(1,8);IM_Collapse_find_S1M(1,11)];
IM_Collapse_find_S1M_Rupture_15km = [IM_Collapse_find_S1M(1,3);IM_Collapse_find_S1M(1,6);IM_Collapse_find_S1M(1,9);IM_Collapse_find_S1M(1,12)];


dpb 2021년 8월 3일
Your X variable is repeating in sets of three so when you use all 12 elements as a vector it's multi-valued in y. interp1 then picks the first that it finds for any given Xi
The overall curve then looks like the following--
Above is from
for the first column. You'll need to interpolate over the individual segments within the overall sets of 12 to avoid the multi-valued Y values to get the individual pieces.
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dpb 2021년 8월 3일
I still don't follow what you're trying to do here -- can you explain the end objective?
What I do see is that for MIDR_S1M(1,:); there's a fairly smooth curve for first 22 points then the 23rd point is some value of 10E18! Whassup w/ that?

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