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How to start recording EEG data using EMOTIV when I press a 'start' button in a Matlab GUI?

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Elisa 2013년 10월 4일
댓글: Vladimir Calderón 2021년 4월 26일
Dear all,
I don't really know where to start in order to solve this issue.
I've a GUI, a press the button 'start' and I want to start recording the data collected via Emotiv .
I found in the Emotiv folder the api folder containing the Matlab example, which has *.m files and *.h files.
I'm sorry I'm not expert in Matlab and I've never compiled using api before and I'm really lost.
I've searched in google, if someone have already done that, however, it seems that I don't have much luck, unfortunately!
Thanks in advance for any help someone might provide!
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Jesús Daniel Olivares Figueroa
Jesús Daniel Olivares Figueroa 2020년 11월 18일
Did you already know how to do it? I want to do the same and I am looking for how to do it.

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