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Speedup table lookup / interpolation

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Jurrien Plijter
Jurrien Plijter 2021년 8월 1일
편집: dpb 2021년 8월 3일
Hi, for AI Q-learning I need to interpolate a found state to a table of states to determine a next action.
states_list is a Nx4 matrix (N is in order of 1e6), state is a 1x4 array. I need to find the row (state_index) in the state_list that is the nearest to the state. The function below works, but is far to slow for my goal.
Any suggestions to improve the performance of this function?
function state_index = interpolate_states(states_list, state)
error = abs(states_list(:,1)-state(1))+abs(states_list(:,2)-state(2))+abs(states_list(:,3)-state(3))+abs(states_list(:,4)-state(4));
[~,state_index] = min(error);
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darova 2021년 8월 1일
It can't be faster. You are already using the fastest mthod

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dpb 2021년 8월 1일
편집: dpb 2021년 8월 1일
Slight alteration; didn't try to time it...
is same computationally...
>> x=randi(10,4); y=1:4; % some test data
>> e=0;for i=1:4,e=e+abs(x(:,i)-y(i));end % emulated current solution
>>> all(e==sum(abs(x-y),2)) % compare to vector solution
ans =
I wouldn't think it would make a noticeable difference in execution speed and I've never tested it to see if does matter, but you could consider reorienting the data to be by row instead of by column and so are 4 x N and 4x1; this would let sum work in its natural order by column removing the optional second argument.
Another slight overhead reduction might be to write the above inline instead of calling a function for a one-liner...
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dpb 2021년 8월 3일
Which alternative(s) did you test? The memory orientation one would turn addressing into linear sequence order instead of skipping although since is inside compiled code probably not make a whole lot of difference. Who knows, the JIT may be smart enough to transpose internally, anyway.

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