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Parameter estimation tool tab

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Mark Korniluk
Mark Korniluk 2021년 7월 30일
댓글: Mark Korniluk 2021년 8월 3일
I am trying to find a parmeter estimation tool in Simulink, I have a student license for Matlab/Simulink and not sure if it is included. I searched everywhere and could not find any information why I am not seeing it.
Any advice is much appreciated.


Shadaab Siddiqie
Shadaab Siddiqie 2021년 8월 2일
From my understanding you want to find parameter estimation tool. You can access it in the Simulink Toolstrip, on the Apps tab, under Control Systems, select Parameter Estimator.

Mark Korniluk
Mark Korniluk 2021년 8월 2일
Hi Shadaab.
This is the reason I have posted the questions, because the tab is not there.
Please find attached screenshoot of my Simulink window.
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Mark Korniluk
Mark Korniluk 2021년 8월 3일
Hi Shadaab.
This is all the option I have when typing Control System as You advice.

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