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Could anyone help me how to save the bar graph in png format.

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jaah navi
jaah navi 2021년 7월 29일
댓글: jaah navi 2021년 7월 29일
how to save the bar graph generated using
in png while the command executes.

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DGM 2021년 7월 29일
편집: DGM 2021년 7월 29일
I'm not sure what you mean by "while the command executes", but...
An example:
y = [2 2 3; 2 5 6; 2 8 9; 2 11 12];
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jaah navi
jaah navi 2021년 7월 29일
thanks for your reply.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2021년 7월 29일
%applyhatch is a File Exchange Contribution. We need to install it to
%generate the graphics to demonstrate the save techniques
tn = tempname();
hatch_zip_file = '';
hz = tn + ".zip";
urlwrite(hatch_zip_file, hz);
cleanme = onCleanup(@() delete(hz));
hzf = tn + "_folder";
unzip(hz, hzf);
cleanme2 = onCleanup(@() delete(fullfile(hzf, '*')))
cleanme2 =
onCleanup with properties: task: @()delete(fullfile(hzf,'*'))
fig = figure('name', 'original figure')
fig =
Figure (1: original figure) with properties: Number: 1 Name: 'original figure' Color: [1 1 1] Position: [671 661 577 433] Units: 'pixels' Show all properties
fig2 = setdiff(get(0,'children'), fig)
fig2 =
Figure (2) with properties: Number: 2 Name: '' Color: [1 1 1] Position: [671 661 577 434] Units: 'pixels' Show all properties
satn = tn+"_saveas.png";
ptn = tn+"_print.png";
extn = tn+"_exportgraphics.png";
saveas(fig2, satn)
print(fig2, ptn)
exportgraphics(fig2, extn)
folder = fileparts(tn);
dir(fullfile(folder, '*.png'))
tpb156b592_d79a_4c5e_a88b_668e40e767eb_exportgraphics.png tpb156b592_d79a_4c5e_a88b_668e40e767eb_saveas.png tpb156b592_d79a_4c5e_a88b_668e40e767eb_print.png
You can see that all three png files were created.



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