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Why do I get an error about a missing ros_struct​msg_conver​sion.h header file when compiling generated C++ code for ROS interfaces?

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I wrote MATLAB code that contains interface functions from ROS Toolbox that support code generation (such as "rossubscriber", "rospublisher", "rosrate"). Then, I generated  C++ code from this function using MATLAB Coder.
When I relocated the code to my ROS environment to compile it, I got an error about the shipped file "mlroscpp_sub.h" which includes a header file named "ros_structmsg_conversion.h" that is missing. Unfortunately, I cannot find this header file anywhere in the MATLAB installation.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team 2021년 7월 28일
To generate the ros_structmsg_conversion.h header file, make sure that you have selected "Robot Operating System (ROS)" as hardware in the MATLAB Coder build configuration.
The following documentation page shows the correct workflow for the programmatic approach:
When using MATLAB Coder App, set the Hardware board to "Robot Operating System (ROS)" as shown below:

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