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Mario Lorenzo
Mario Lorenzo 2021년 7월 27일
답변: Swetha Polemoni 2021년 7월 30일
Hi guys,
I would like to ask regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the regular Fast Fourier Transform (fft) and the non uniform version (nufft). I noticed that for nufft, we need to specify the time samples. However, what is the real advantage and disadvantage of fft and nufft? I read that nufft provides faster computation than fft. But then, why do we still use fft? Is it because choosing the time sample difficult? Looking forward hearing from you guys!

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Frantz Bouchereau
Frantz Bouchereau 2021년 7월 29일
The advantage of nufft is that it allows you to compute the FFT of non-uniformly sampled signals. You cannot do this with fft.
If your signals are uniformly sampled, then there is no need to use nufft.

Swetha Polemoni
Swetha Polemoni 2021년 7월 30일
fft and nufft both are fast ways to calculate Discrete Fourier Transform of any signal. The only disadvantage of fft over nufft is it can be used to calculate dft of only uniformly sampled siganl. On the other hand nufft can be used to calculate dft of non-uniformly sampled signal.


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