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How to use same properties in different MATLAB Discrete-Event System?

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Wen-Fang Wang
Wen-Fang Wang 2021년 7월 25일
답변: Shadaab Siddiqie 2021년 7월 28일
Hi, I'm new to Simulink in Matlab. Would someone help me to figure it out?
I want to develope a scheding system with simulink, and there are multiple steps which I want to code in different MATLAB Discrete-Event System.
Each MATLAB Discrete-Event System have same properties.
How can I transfer the properties to each blocks in real-time?
Thanks for your solutions!


Shadaab Siddiqie
Shadaab Siddiqie 2021년 7월 28일
From my understanding you want to feed inputs from one Discrete-Event System into another Discrete-Event System. For that you can try the 'MATLAB Function' block. You may be able to insert part of your script into the function (double click on the block) and this will execute on every Simulink time step. So, if you can make the function capture and return a datasample then you can feed that into your Simulink design.
You can also look into Record block in Simulink to record the values of your Discrete-Event System and later feed it into another Discrete-Event System if they are independent.

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