find intersection between two data sets

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I have a random signal, and somehow a zone where a study is going to be made, lets think about a circle representing the limit of this zone, If I want to know which of the samples of my signal is the first one inside the circle zone, Is there a function in Matlab that helps me in this task.
If it is not, what would you recomend to do this...

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Sven 2013년 9월 26일
Hi Carlos, try this code:
dataset = rand(20,2);
zoneXY = rand(1,2);
zoneRadius = rand(1);
dists = sqrt(sum(bsxfun(@minus, dataset, zoneXY).^2,2));
inZone = dists < zoneRadius;
plot(dataset(:,1),dataset(:,2),'.'), hold on
rectangle('Position',[zoneXY-zoneRadius zoneRadius*2 zoneRadius*2],'Curvature',[1 1])
if any(inZone)
firstInZone = find(inZone,1,'first')
legend({'Data points','First Pt In Zone'})
Does it describe your problem and how to find an answer?
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Carlos A. Morales Rergis
Carlos A. Morales Rergis 2013년 9월 30일
Perfecto!!! Muchas gracias...
thanks a lot!

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