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Configure ODBC Data Sources without dexplore

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BSantos 25 Sep 2013
댓글: Marc Youcef 6 Jul 2018
So, here's my project:
I would like to update a Ms Access Database, via GUI using Database Toolbox, whenever the user wants. so far, I was able to do so, following the tutorial suggested by Matlab.
But, before we start, we have to configure OBDC Data sources using the dexplore function or Apps > Database Explorer.
My question is: Is there any way of doing the same without dexplore? Using commands, for example or code.
I ask this, because, I don't want my User to be troubled with this set up, every time he starts the program. Perhaps, just giving File directory/path... So far, I couldn't find any solution.
Any suggestions/ideas??
Thanks in advance!!!

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Mihir Daptardar
Mihir Daptardar 17 Jan 2014
Assuming that you are on a WINDOWS system, there is a way to configure ODBC Data sources from outside of MATLAB as well. Please note that you would need admin rights on the computer that you are using to configure.
Click on Start Menu and type ODBC Data Sources (For Windows Vista and Later) or you can navigate to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe

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Marc Youcef
Marc Youcef 6 Jul 2018
Hi, I do not know if this answers his question as he is looking for a programmatic way to do this configuration. I am looking actually for similar thing without having to go through any interface (windows or MATLAB). Thanks.

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