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I am trying to use the internal directory.
I can't seem to login to the "Manage users" section of the Cluster Admin Dashboard.
The default should be "um" with the password "trust", which is configurable in the "Configure Apps" section under "Internal directory database username" and "Internal directory database password". But I always get "Invalid username or password".
I have tried "admin" and "pass" which again, is also configurable. I have tried all sorts of diferent combinations of usernames and passwords, but it always says "Invalid username or password".
I am stuck.


Christian Bard
Christian Bard 2021년 8월 3일
To access and manage users login, the password is the one of the cluster admin. It can be reset by ./admin-docker-agent --reset-password. The admin agent has to be shutdown or restarted before seeing the new password (see doc here).
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Chris Holland
Chris Holland 2021년 8월 5일
Thanks, but I guess I had to reboot my whole system. Thank you,

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