Data extraction from stacked plot

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Ajai Singh
Ajai Singh 2021년 7월 14일
댓글: Ajai Singh 2021년 7월 14일
I want to extract data from the stacked plot generated , by extracting data i mean that whenever the user clicks on the staked plot , a set of values are displayed at the intersection of the plot and vertical line ( please refer to the figure to get more understanding of what i mean) , i want to extract these values and then write them to an excel sheet . Please help me to do that.
( I want the values displayed in the boxes to be written in an excel file )
Thank you.

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ANKUR KUMAR 2021년 7월 14일
편집: ANKUR KUMAR 2021년 7월 14일
Let us load random data.
tbl = readtable('patients.xls');
There must be value of x over which you wish to extarct all the values. Let us take 50 in this case.
values=[tbl.Height tbl.Weight tbl.Systolic tbl.Diastolic];
extracted_values = 1×4
67 179 124 78
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Ajai Singh
Ajai Singh 2021년 7월 14일
Thank you for the answrer. appreciate it, but can i get the value of x when the user clicks on the stacked plot ?

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