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Check every element of an array with if statement

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david Price
david Price 2021년 7월 13일
댓글: david Price 2021년 7월 13일
I'm writing a code that ends up giving me an array of numbers liksuch as this:
function R = RMapA()
z = [0.2+(-500:.05:500)*1i];% 0.5+(-500:.05:500)*1i 1+(-500:.05:500)*1i 2+(-500:.05:500)*1i 4+(-500:.05:500)*1i 10+(-500:.05:500)*1i (-500:.05:500)-10i (-500:.05:500)-4i (-500:.05:500)-2i (-500:.05:500)-1i (-500:.05:500)-0.5i (-500:.05:500)-0.2i (-500:.05:500)+0.2i (-500:.05:500)+0.5i (-500:.05:500)+1i (-500:.05:500)+2i (-500:.05:500)+4i (-500:.05:500)+10i 0+(-500:.05:500)*1i ];
R = (z-1)./(z+1);
x = abs(R)
%if any( x <= 1)
title('R Plane Chart');
I'd like to add a correct 'if statement' that will check every element of x, and for any one that is <= 1 , it will plot the R.
is this possible and if so, how?
if you have any more questions i'll asnwer the best i can. I'm extremely new to this.
thank you.

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David Hill
David Hill 2021년 7월 13일
z = [0.2+(-500:.05:500)*1i];
R = (z-1)./(z+1);
x = abs(R);
title('R Plane Chart');
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david Price
david Price 2021년 7월 13일

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