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Weird behavior of Simulink when the Real-Time Windows Target is used

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Daniel 19 Sep 2013
답변: ammar al jodah 23 Feb 2021
I have recently installed an Advantech PCI-1716 card together with the RTWT tool for Simulink. So far so good, I could installed everything without problems.
The issue came when I tested my system with a real application. I connected a pulse generator to a digital output block. With the help of an oscilloscope I observed the following behavior:
Every certain time, the card did not output the expected signal, and later, it tries to recover the missing pulses by giving them in a faster (shorter period) manner. At the beginning I believed it was the card, but weirdest thing is that, when I open any block in Simulink during the simulation, the signals that came out from the card are just perfect.
For me it seems as the RTWT kernel enter into an idle behavior and give control to Windows to do some other things. As soon as a Simulink block is open (for example, for changing the frequency), the kernel probably reserve all the resources for simulink.
Is this behavior known? Is there any possibility to modify manually the kernel to avoid this idle behavior?
Thanks in advance! Daniel Fierro
Matlab 2012b 64 bits Windows 7 / Intel Core i5 / 64 bits / 3.4 GHz / 4 GB RAM
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Jan Houska
Jan Houska 25 Sep 2013
Are you running the model in Normal Mode or External Mode? If in Normal Mode, please try External Mode and post here whether the behavior persists.

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ammar al jodah
ammar al jodah 23 Feb 2021

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