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Division of two Multidimensional array

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mukesh bisht
mukesh bisht 2021년 7월 11일
댓글: mukesh bisht 2021년 7월 11일
I have two multidimensional array say A (30x10x30) & B(30x10x30). I want to divide the elements of A by the corresponding elements of B.
How to do it.
I am not getting corrrect result by diving like this A./B
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mukesh bisht
mukesh bisht 2021년 7월 11일
Sorry. Now I got it. Actually in Matlab workspace A(7,1,1) shows 0.000. So, this created confusion

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LO 2021년 7월 11일
편집: LO 2021년 7월 11일
you can iterate the 2D division
A = rand(30,10,30);
B = rand(30,10,30);
r = cell(sz(3),1);
for i = 1:sz(3)
r{i} = A(:,:,i)./B(:,:,i); % in this cell array you will have the divisions

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