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empty double matrix in case of nul value

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abdul rehman
abdul rehman 2021년 7월 10일
댓글: abdul rehman 2021년 7월 10일
I am receiving the message "4x0 empty double matrix ". when the output is nul. I want it to be 0. when its empty
code line:
malicious=n_selfish_veh(n_selfish_veh(:,3) & n_selfish_veh(:,4) < time_ee ,:)


James Tursa
James Tursa 2021년 7월 10일
Do you mean you want to do something like this:
if( isempty(malicious) )
malicious = 0;
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abdul rehman
abdul rehman 2021년 7월 10일
can we do it without if condition such as , isnan(malacious)=0 but its not working properly

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