How to convert "cell array" to "character array"

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dmfwlansejr 2021년 7월 8일
편집: DGM 2021년 7월 8일
How to convert {'A1'} {'B1'} {'C1'} to 'A1' 'B1' 'C1'


Jonas 2021년 7월 8일
the format 'A1' 'B1' 'C1' is not possible with character array, but 'A1B1C1' is possible:
asCell={'A','B','C'}; charArray=[asCell{:}]

Stephen 2021년 7월 8일
C = {'A1','B1','C1'}
C = 1×3 cell array
{'A1'} {'B1'} {'C1'}
D = vertcat(C{:})
D = 3×2 char array
'A1' 'B1' 'C1'
D = char(C)
D = 3×2 char array
'A1' 'B1' 'C1'

DGM 2021년 7월 8일
편집: DGM 2021년 7월 8일
It's kind of hard to tell what exactly you want, since your example isn't really proper syntax.
If you just have a scalar cell array with a char vector:
A = {'potato'};
B = A{:}
B = 'potato'
If you have a cell array with multiple elements, each containing a char, the answer depends on whether all the char vectors are the same size and what you expect the output to look like.
A = {'potato' 'tomato' 'grapes'};
vertcat(A{:}) % only works if they're all the same size
ans = 3×6 char array
'potato' 'tomato' 'grapes'
ans = 'potatotomatograpes'

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