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How to separate plot titles on single line? [solved]

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Ludovico Riello
Ludovico Riello 2021년 7월 4일
편집: Ludovico Riello 2021년 7월 6일
plot (time,BrACOM)
%xlim ([tmin tmax])
xlabel('Time [s]');
ylabel('Acc [g]');
title([head neck helmet impact energy rep]);
I would like the variables to be spaced on the plot title, like:head neck helmet impact energy rep and not headneckhelmetimpactenergyrep
title([head ' ' neck ' ' helmet ' ' impact ' ' energy]);

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VBBV 2021년 7월 4일
%if true
title('[head neck helmet impact energy rep]');

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Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens 2021년 7월 4일
Define the titles with an extra space at the end of each word.

Les Beckham
Les Beckham 2021년 7월 4일
Try this:
title(sprintf('%s %s %s %s %s %s', head, neck, helmet, impact, energy, rep);


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