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How can i write a .ymal file ??

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Giorgia Fusaroli
Giorgia Fusaroli 2021년 6월 29일
편집: Prakhar Rai 2021년 6월 29일
Hi everyone,
i have to write in a .yaml file a vector of cells (first cell is a string, then i have a vector of number values and convert all in cell was a simple solution to have different types of variables in the same vector).
i don't know the extension .yaml and so i hope that someone of you could help me :)
I attach an example of what i'm saying:
signal = x; %vector of double
label = ('signal x'); %string
A = mat2cell(signal, ones(1,size(signal,1)), ones(size(signal,2))); %conversion in cell vector
B = cat(2,label,A); %concat string and cell vector in order to forming a row
%now i have to save B in a file with .yaml as extension
Maybe using .yaml file there is another solution to have label and signal in the same row :)
thank you in advance

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2021년 6월 29일 can be used to write YAML from MATLAB.

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Prakhar Rai
Prakhar Rai 2021년 6월 29일
편집: Prakhar Rai 2021년 6월 29일
As of now MATLAB does not support YAML parsing but you could use third party tools like 'yamlmatlab' for the task.
Please refer to the links: yamlmatlab and yamlmatlab github .


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