Matlab crashes during toolbox installation

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Louis-Marie Restout
Louis-Marie Restout 2021년 6월 23일
답변: Shubham Khatri 2021년 7월 6일
I'm trying to install aerospace toolbox and aerospace blockset but every time I click "Install" and "Continue" Matlab closes and never open again. I tried with administrator mode and with liscence re-activation but it always occurs the same way...
Do you have any solution ? thanks.
OS : Windows 10 last version
Machine : Intel I7, GTX 1660 Ti, 16Go RAM, <300Go free


Shubham Khatri
Shubham Khatri 2021년 7월 6일
Try resetting MATLAB. To do this,please go through this community answer.
Also, visit this documentation link to and follow steps to perform an installation.
If the problem persists, please reach out to our support team.
Hope it helps

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