How to edit fft analyzer window in 2021a version

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답변: Hassan Abouobaida 2023년 1월 24일
I am unable to edit my fft analyzer window in 2021a version. I can't see the options
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chagamreddy venkata subba reddy
chagamreddy venkata subba reddy 2022년 10월 19일
i have same problem.. .if you found any solution.. please guide me

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Sameer Pujari
Sameer Pujari 2021년 7월 19일
The reason for this might be that, in the Model Configuration Parameters in "Data Import/Export" Section, the option "Single simulation output" has been selected.
  1. go to model configuration parameter and select Data Import/Export.
  2. Untick the Single simulation output and click on Apply.
  3. double tap the scope and go to Logging and select Log data to the workspace and select Structure with Time and click on Apply.
  4. Run the simulation
  5. double tap Powergui and select FFT Analysis
Note- MATLAB workspace should have a struct variable including time with the results of the simulation. (e.g. you can use the Scope blocks to log data into the workspace, note that this needs to be struct with time)

Hassan Abouobaida
Hassan Abouobaida 2023년 1월 24일
Good morning,
With Matlab 2021, I have the same problem. Moreover, in Workspace, Matlab does not display any variable in spite of the conditions (indicated above) 1 to 5 are adjusted correctly!


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