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Can anyone explain me please some of "Wind Turbine Block" parameters ???

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Mohammad Shtiwi
Mohammad Shtiwi 2021년 6월 20일
댓글: Mohammad Shtiwi 2021년 6월 20일
Hello, I couldn't understand the meaning of those Parametes:
Base power of the electrical generator, Maximum power at base wind speed (pu of nominal mechanical power), Base rotational speed (p.u. of base generator speed).
is (Base power of the electrical generator) divided by (Nominal mechanical output power) equals (electrical efficiency)?
can you please explain with eqations if possible ?
thank you in advanced.


Mouhamed Niasse
Mouhamed Niasse 2021년 6월 20일
Click on the button 'help' displayed at the bottom of your screenshot. Everything is clearly explained there.

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