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Could someone please tell me How to plot dashline output in bar chart?

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Phat Nguyen
Phat Nguyen 2021년 6월 12일
댓글: Phat Nguyen 2021년 6월 12일
x = categorical({'U1','U2'});
y1 = [7500 7200];
yyaxis left;
hold on;
y2 = [2000,3000];
yyaxis right;

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Chunru 2021년 6월 12일
The following article has an example for hatched pattern for bar plot and you need download the hatchfill in file exchage.
Posted by Jiro Doke, July 15, 2011
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Phat Nguyen
Phat Nguyen 2021년 6월 12일
Yes, seems it's not available in matlab... we need to download that file to support... Thank you Sir!

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