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Why MATLAB crashed while running PV based boost converter simulink model

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sourabh jain
sourabh jain 2021년 6월 11일
답변: Pemendra Kumar Pardhi 2021년 6월 11일
MATLAB simulink crashed while running model based on PV array system with boost converter. When I changed irradiation of PV array it crash simulink model and also closed MATLAB. Initially i used stair function then tried with manually constant block during running model.


Pemendra Kumar Pardhi
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi 2021년 6월 11일
This kind of problem rarely occurs.
And it occurs due to improper design of system parameters ( Such as inductive or Capacitive filter values).
I will suggest that please follow the standard research papers/book to calculate the system design parameters.
Kindly notice it.
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi

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