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creating a .txt file with values that the user inputs in Matlab app designer

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Joseph Kutteh
Joseph Kutteh 2021년 6월 10일
댓글: Joseph Kutteh 2021년 6월 11일
i am wondering how can i create a brand new .txt file in matlab. I would like create a text file that is unique to input from the user. For example if the user inputs this "4" i would like the text file to be created with this name "4.txt". If the user inputs "helloworld" the new text file would be "helloworld.txt". How am i able to do this?
i am using matlab verison R2019b
thank you

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes 2021년 6월 11일
Joseph - if your app has a text field that allows the user to enter the name of the file to save to, then you could do something like
filename = [app.FileName.Value '.txt'];
then use whatever function (for example fprintf) to write data to this file. Alternatively, you could use uiputfile to show a dialog where the user can choose the location and filename for the data to be saved.

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