Can the connection matrix of a built in biograph be modified?

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n 2011년 2월 5일
Hello Matlab programmers,
Can a biograph be modified after being built? for example can I modify its connection matrix and call the view to update the Biograph Viewer and keep all other parameters like edge weights and node positions as they were before? It looks that it does not work that way!? Any other suggestions to do this?
Thanks in advance


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2011년 2월 5일
There does not appear to be a documented mechanism for that.
does not indicate any explicit connection matrix. It indicates that the nodes and edges vectors are read-only, and the description of what those objects contain does not show any connection information. There is a method to convert the information in to a connection matrix, but no method to change the connection matrix.
I do not have the toolbox, so I cannot fish around to see if there is anything else lying around.

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