How to create indices for the k-fold cross-validation?

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Susan . 2021년 6월 8일
댓글: Susan . 2021년 6월 10일
Hi All,
I'd like to create indices for the k-fold cross-validation using
indices = crossvalind('Kfold',Labels,k);
The "Labels" is a 1-by-1000 cell array which contains 1000 cells, as follows
Labels(1: 10) = 1×10 cell array
Columns 1 through 9
{1×1 cell} {1×1 cell} {1×1 cell} {1×1 cell} {1×1 cell} {1×1 cell} {1×1 cell} {1×1 cell} {1×1 cell}
Column 10
{1×1 cell}
Labels{1}= 1×1 cell array
I got this error
Undefined function 'crossvalind' for input arguments of type 'cell'.
So, I took the following steps to solve the issue
Label_1 = cellfun(@(x) str2double(x), Labels, 'UniformOutput',false);
Label_double = [Label_1{:}]
indices = crossvalind('Kfold',Label_double,10);
And now I am dealing with the following error
Undefined function 'crossvalind' for input arguments of type 'char'.
I'm not sure why I get this error. any idea? Thanks!
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Susan 2021년 6월 9일
편집: Susan 님. 2021년 6월 9일
@Megumi Fukuda Sure thing! The label is attached.Thank you so much in advance for your help.

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Megumi Fukuda
Megumi Fukuda 2021년 6월 10일
indices = crossvalind('Kfold',Labels,k);
I am sure this does not work, as the cells in the variable Label are nested and cannot be used for crossvalind without converting the variables.
I have tested this code with MATLAB 2021a and this code looks fine. Would you like to try your code again?
% clear the workspace
load('Label.mat'); % the mat file you uploaded
Label_1 = cellfun(@(x) str2double(x), Giant_bpm, 'UniformOutput',false);
Label_double = [Label_1{:}];
indices = crossvalind('Kfold',Label_double,10);
(... and here is another implementation I came up with. This returns the label as char type)
Giant_bpm_updated = cellfun(@cell2mat, Giant_bpm(:), 'UniformOutput', false);
indices = crossvalind('Kfold',Giant_bpm_updated,10);
Hope this helps!
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Susan 2021년 6월 10일
Thanks for your response.
Interesting! when I run my code I get the same error as before but your code works fine.

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