Figure origin incorrectly set

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Steve 2013년 8월 19일
I understand there are some bugs in Matlab 2010 with respect to MonitorPositions. This may be related. I am using multiple displays with Mac OS 10.6.8 and Matlab 7.10.0.
1 0 1080 1898
5561 818 1920 1080
7481 818 1920 1080
3641 698 1920 1200
1081 458 2560 1440
The first monitor [1 0 1080 1898] is set as the system default monitor. Attempting to position on the system default monitor fails:
set(gcf,'position',[1 0 5000 1000])
1081 1 5000 1000
The figure is always positioned at the start of the "second" monitor ([1081 458 2560 1440]). Perhaps this is related to the jumbled order of screens in the monitorpositions output?
Additionally, I honestly don't understand the Macintosh description for monitorpositions here.
MATLAB on Macintosh systems recognize only the main monitor. The position data is of the form [x,y,width,height-menuHieght]... The main monitor is determined by which display has the menu bar.
If Matlab only recognizes the main monitor, why do I get expected output with monitorpositions, and if the main monitor defines the origin, why is the origin not set by the main monitor?
I should note that if I attempt to set the gcf positions again, it works as expected, but if and only if I type the command manually. It will not work when being called with a .m file.


Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub 2013년 8월 19일
A few years ago TMW did not officially support multiple monitors. I have never read anything to suggest that anything has changed.
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Steve 2013년 8월 19일
Interesting. So, it's included but not officially supported. I might experiment with reordering the plugs into the video cards to see if that affects the order of the monitors returned by MonitorPositions. If so, I might be able to kludge something that way.
Thanks for the thoughts.

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