How to place percent of each bar/bin of histogram on histogram chart in the code below?

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Wolfgang McCormack
Wolfgang McCormack 2021년 6월 6일
댓글: Steven Lord 2021년 6월 7일
Hi all,
I have a code like this. Could you guys please help me to plot the percent of total for each histogram bar exactly on top of it? also, how to plot the mean in the middle of the chart instead of writing values manually for text command.
I really really appreciate your help.
histogram(Data,'BinEdges',edges,'Normalization','probability','FaceColor','#D95319','FaceAlpha',1); %, 'DisplayStyle','stairs'
ytix = get(gca, 'YTick'); % setting y in %
set(gca, 'YTick',ytix, 'YTickLabel',ytix*100);% setting y in %
MeanPlot = mean(Data);% calculating mean
text(4.5,0.4,(['mean = ',num2str(MeanPlot,3)])); % plotting mean on chart ; here I want to have that position exactly at the middle of the graph on top of the highest value
'xticklabel',{'Strongly disagree','Disagree','Neutral','Agree','Strongly agree'}); %creating x labels
ylabel('Percent (%)'); % y label
% set(findall(gcf,'-property','FontSize'),'FontSize',15);
title('Sample Chart for "Chartester"'); % title

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Scott MacKenzie
Scott MacKenzie 2021년 6월 6일
Instead of histogram, I suggest you use histcounts along with bar:
% test data
data = rand(1,1000);
hc = histcounts(data);
b = bar(hc);
% percent of total for each bar
s = compose('%.1f%%', hc / sum(hc) * 100);
yOffset = 5; % tweat, as necessary
text(b.XData, b.YEndPoints + yOffset,s);
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Scott MacKenzie
Scott MacKenzie 2021년 6월 6일
Although there are more elegant, data-independent ways to do this, you can just put something like the following code after the bar function:
set(gca,'ylim', [0 150]); % make some room at the top
s1 = sprintf('Grand mean = %.3f', mean(data));
text(5.5, 140, s1); % choose y-coord to get proper positioning

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2021년 6월 6일
Let's make some sample data and plot a histogram with a small number of bins.
x = randn(1, 1e4);
h = histogram(x, 'NumBins', 10);
I'm going to extract two of the histogram properties to their own variables to save on typing.
edges = h.BinEdges;
values = h.Values;
The center of each bin is its left edge plus half the distance to the right edge (which is where diff comes in.)
centers = edges(1:end-1)+diff(edges)/2;
Now let's put the text 10% above the top of each bin. You may want to tweak the actual y values, since the labels for the shortest bins will overlap the bins themselves.
text(centers, 1.1*values, string(values), 'HorizontalAlignment', 'center')
Adjust the limits of the axes to fit the highest bar's label.
ylim(ylim.*[1 1.15])
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2021년 6월 7일
Specify the 'Normalization' name-value pair in your histogram call and you'd probably want to call sprintf instead of just string in the text call.

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