i am designing patch antenna for 28.5ghz but it is showing following errors

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Out of memory.
Error in polyshape/isinterior>check_inpolygon (line 85)
quad = (negX & posY) + 2*(negX & negY) + 3*(posX & negY);
Error in polyshape/isinterior (line 50)
[in, on] = check_inpolygon(X, Y, xv, yv, tol);
Error in em.internal.meshprinting.imprintMesh
Error in patchMicrostrip/meshGenerator (line 383)
Mi = em.internal.meshprinting.imprintMesh(pP',tP(1:3,:)',pGP',tGP(1:3,:)');
Error in em.MeshGeometry/updateMesh
Error in em.MeshGeometry/getMesh
Error in em.EmStructures/analyze
Error in em.FieldAnalysisWithFeed/pattern (line 179)
Error in Microstrip_patchantenna_285 (line 14)
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Shubham Khatri
Shubham Khatri 2021년 6월 8일
The configuration you are trying to solve is electronically large and is memory intensive. You can check the memory required by the following command:
You can reduce the memory required by changing the mesh size and specifying a larger MaxEdgeLength.
Hope this Helps!

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