Error using octaveFilt​er/parenRe​ference in App Designer application

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Hi everybody,
I have a strange issue with MATLAB R2021a: I implemented an application using App Designer, which I then share as a standalone desktop app. Once I install and run the application, I receive the following error regarding octaveFilter (Audio Toolbox) system object:
"Error using octaveFilter/parenReference
System object will not call 'isInputSizeMutableImpl' if 'isInputComplexityLockedImpl' is implemented. Please implement 'isInputComplexityMutableImpl' instead of 'isInputComplexityLockedImpl'."
The fact is that this error does not show up when running the application within App Designer software, but only when I use it as a standalone desktop app.
Thank you in advance for any tip or solution!
P.S.: this issue did not happen with previous versions of MATLAB.

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Chidvi Modala
Chidvi Modala 2021년 6월 8일
isInputComplexityLockedImpl is converted to isInputComplexityMutableImpl from MATLAB R2021a. So, while defining octaveFilter system object, you might need to implement isInputComplexityMutableImpl instead of isInputComplexityLockedImpl.
You may refer to "Functionality being removed or changed" section in the below documentation

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