Synchronize Two Timetables (observation and simulation)

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Ali Saremi
Ali Saremi . 2021년 5월 28일
댓글: Ali Saremi . 2021년 6월 4일
Hi there,
I hope you are well.
I need to combine the observation timetable with the simulation timetable using Synchronize function, as there are gaps in my observation data. I have attached my observation and simulation datasets.
I have used the following code to sync both of them:
% Synchronize timetables
newTimetable = synchronize(obs,model,'first','linear')
Apparantly, it has worked,but I am not sure if it is the right one to use.
If someone could help me with that, I would much appreciate it.

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Jesús Zambrano
Jesús Zambrano 2021년 5월 28일
Hey Ali,
I think so too. I guess you included the folloinwg lines of code to define obs and model timetables before using synchronize command:
obs = readtimetable('Obs.xlsx');
model = readtimetable('Sim.xlsx');
'first' is computing the row time from the first input time table only. There are more options, you can check them in the following link to the documentation:
'linear' will do a linear interpolation of data values in the output timetable. For more interpolation methods, and some other methods (aggregation, fill, time step), please use th elink above.
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Ali Saremi
Ali Saremi 2021년 6월 4일
Hi there,
Thank you for your response. I have gone through all of the options and i think for my case i should use the one i have mentioned before.

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