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Randomly selecting images from a directory

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AK 2021년 5월 25일
답변: Image Analyst 2021년 5월 25일
I have a directory of 10000 JPEG files. I want to write a script that can randomly select 100 images from this directory and save these images to a new folder on my desktop. How do I do this?
Thank you!

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J. Alex Lee
J. Alex Lee 2021년 5월 25일
Use "dir" and "randperm"
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AK 2021년 5월 25일
Thank you I was able to get it working!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2021년 5월 25일
This is how I'd do it:
fileList = dir('*.jp*');
numFiles = length(fileList)
orderToUse = randperm(numFiles);
for k = 1 : numFiles
% Get what random index this one is.
index = orderToUse(k);
% Construct the full filename.
fullFileName = fullfile(fileList(index).folder, fileList(index).name);
fprintf('Processing #%d of %d:\n which is file #%d in the list : %s\n',...
k, numFiles, index, fullFileName);
% Now do something with the file....


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