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Persistent Data in Stateflow

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John Fiaschetti
John Fiaschetti 2021년 5월 24일
답변: Jonas 2021년 5월 25일
I am trying to save a value across executions of a state chart. However, each time I call the chart, the value is reset to zero. I have tried using a memory or unit delay block outside the chart as well as a Data Store. Both methods don't seem to work.
Any ideas?

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Jonas 2021년 5월 25일
Variables you define as 'local' or as 'output' in the chart are persistent over chart executions.
They will take on their initial values again when you put the chart for example in an enabled subsystem and its 'States when enabling' is set to 'reset'. Also, when you check 'Initialize outputs every time chart wakes up' it could be that the outputs are not saved persistently.
I honestly don't really know what you could be doing wrong, since the whole purpose of a 'state' flow is to remember its state, together with variables you define.

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