When will Jacket be merged into Parallel Computing Toolbox?

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Terry McKiernan
Terry McKiernan 2013년 7월 25일
댓글: Nick Chng 2015년 10월 13일
I read that MathWorks has acquired the competing Jacket product from Accelereyes:
We were considering using Jacket for the GPU interface instead of Parallel Computing Toolbox since multiple articles indicate that Jacket is faster and supports more MATLAB functions than PCT. But now that Jacket is part of the MathWorks family I would expect its functionality to get merged into PCT.
Does anyone know if this is the case? I don't see anything on the MathWorks site mentioning the acquisition or any timeline for updating PCT with Jacket features.
BTW I am currently using R2012b. Do I perhaps need to move up to R2013a?
Thanks for any info.
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Nick Chng
Nick Chng 2015년 10월 13일
Still waiting for an update. I miss Jacket's gfor and interp3 implementations, which remain faster, and with more functionality, in R2012b than they are in R2015b.

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Gareth Thomas
Gareth Thomas 2014년 3월 23일
One way would be to look at the Parallel computing toolbox release notes since R2012b.
As R2013a, R2013b, R2014a are now out.
The number of functions supported grows every release.

Rob Campbell
Rob Campbell 2015년 8월 25일
It seems they're now at http://arrayfire.com/ and are open source.


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