Is it possible to use a WiFi dongle on a Raspberry Pi that is being used as a simulink target?

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I am attempting to use a Raspberry Pi as a remote data collection tool. I want to read in data (which I can do) and broadcast it, over a wireless network, to a Windows computer. I have a WiFi dongle that works with the RPi, but will this work with a Simulink model?
If it is possible, how do you command the RPi to connect to the wireless network using the WiFi dongle?

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Murat Belge
Murat Belge 2013년 7월 24일
Yes. As long as there is some form of Internet connection, wired or wireless, Simulink will be able to talk to Raspberry Pi. For your information, I use an Edimax nano wireless adapter plugged directly to one of the USB ports of my R-Pi. Note that not all wireless network adapters are compatible with R-Pi. I have a bunch of them. In my opinion, Edimax works the best.
The default firmware image shipped as part of the Simulink Support Package for Raspberry Pi is already configured to accommodate a wireless network adapter. Plug-in your wireless network adapater to the board, reboot and just start the "WiFi Config" utility on your R-Pi desktop. Then you can scan available networks and connect to the one you want.
Here is somewhat long-winded instructions for Wi-Fi configuration:
If you are using the "Wifi Config" GUI, skip steps 6 & 7.

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