How to find if the Simulink model is used for code generation

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Sohil Shrestha
Sohil Shrestha 2021년 5월 12일
답변: Jonas 2021년 10월 13일
Is there a heuristic or certain block parameter configuration that suggests if a Simulink model is used or configured
for code generation?

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Jonas 2021년 10월 13일
System Target File will be 'ert.tlc' if the model is configured for code generation.

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Pranav Verma
Pranav Verma 2021년 5월 20일
Hi Sohil,
To check if the model will generate a code, you can go to "Generate Code from the Model" section in the documentation.
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Sohil Shrestha
Sohil Shrestha 2021년 10월 13일
Is there a way to find out programmatically ?

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