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Neuronal network inputs and outputs

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Hi everyone, I made a fitting NN, and I have the input data on a excel file with 18 variables and the 6 outputs in another file, everything looks like work pretty well, but every tiem I called the network, it only works when I placed just one input variable, but It should work just when I put the 18 variables values intup, am I right? Am I getting something wrong?, thanks

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Divya Gaddipati
Divya Gaddipati 2021년 5월 13일
Your function expects a single input argument. But, you are giving 16 inputs, which is why it's failing.
You can try the following to resolve your issue:
% Input should be a matrix
y1 = myNeuralNetworkFunction([1:16]);
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Juan Pablo Guamn Bernal
Juan Pablo Guamn Bernal 2021년 5월 13일
great, thanks a lot

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