Problem using SSH connection within Matlab

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Léon . 2013년 7월 12일
I want to establish a SSH connection to a server and execute several commands there and I want to do that from within Matlab.
My current problem is that the connection can be established but the terminal output is written to the comand window and Matlab waits for my input. Unfortunately I do not want to trigger the commands by hand but automatically.
I tried the direct way first:
unix('ssh root@100.200.300','-echo');
But that evoked the problem as described. So I tried to be clever and write a shell script that does the job and just trigger that script:
script = fopen('/users/leon/documents/MATLAB/','w');
fprintf(script,'#!/bin/sh \n\n ssh root@100.200.300 ''\n who && \n exit;''');
script = fclose(script);
unix('cd /users/leon/documents/MATLAB/','-echo');
unix('chmod 777','-echo');
But that yields the same result. Anybody an idea? Help is greatly appreciated!

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Léon 2013년 7월 15일
no one any idea?


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