MacOS 11.3 (Big Sur) and Matlab 2020b compatibility

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Ram Krishnan
Ram Krishnan 2021년 4월 30일
답변: Tarunbir Gambhir 2021년 6월 17일
Just updated my Mac to Big Sur 11.3 and Matlab (version 2020b) is not responding sometimes. I have tried rebooting the computer but no help so far. Matlab was working with MacOS 11.2.
Any known compatibility issues with MacOS 11.3?


Tarunbir Gambhir
Tarunbir Gambhir 2021년 6월 17일
In most cases the issue seems to initiate from the simultaneous launching of MATLAB Editor at startup. It has been reported that this behavior can cause similar issues. Try the following troubleshooting steps, that disables the MATLAB editor from launching at startup and have successfully resolved the issue in the majority of the cases:
  1. Initiate MATLAB with -nodesktop flag
  2. Run the commands:
s = settings;
s.matlab.editor.InitializeAtStartup.PersonalValue = 0;
3. Quit -nodesktop MATLAB and launch desktop MATLAB.



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