gpsSensor problem with Random Stream

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Leonardo Costa
Leonardo Costa 2021년 4월 28일
댓글: Leonardo Costa 2021년 4월 29일
Hi to everybody!
I have a big problem with my gpsSensor. In my model I need to use 2 gps: one for my boat and one for my buoy (target).
The two GPS shares the same characteristics but I expected to have two different random stream. I saw on the decumentation that the deafult RandomStream is Global Stream and it's ok for my sensors, but i would like to have two different random stream for my GPS.
Hope that I weel explained my problem.
Thank you in advance!!!

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Ryan Salvo
Ryan Salvo 2021년 4월 28일
Hi Leonardo,
To set two gpsSensor objects to two independent random streams, you can set the RandomStream and Seed properties on the gpsSensor.
% Set each of the seeds to different values.
seed1 = 20;
seed2 = 40;
gps1 = gpsSensor("RandomStream", "mt19937ar with seed", "Seed", seed1);
gps2 = gpsSensor("RandomStream", "mt19937ar with seed", "Seed", seed2);
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Leonardo Costa
Leonardo Costa 2021년 4월 29일
Thank you very much!!!

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