How can I use a continuous integrator in atomic subsystem?

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kun 2013년 7월 8일
Hello people! In my simulation I must use a fixed step size (0.001 s) with the solver ode3 (Runge-Kutta). There is an atomic subsystem with sample time of 1s in my model,and the atomic subsystem have a continuous integrator in it .
So,when I start the simulation ,I got an error :'... \integrator' has an invalid sample time of [0, 0]. Periodic atomic subsystem 'untitled/Subsystem' may contain only blocks that have constant (inf), inherited (-1), or periodic (1) sample times.
how can I fix it ?thank you very much.


Ryan G
Ryan G 2013년 7월 10일
The error you are seeing is effectively saying you cannot have continuous blocks if you define a discrete sample time on the atomic subsystem. You can use a discrete integrator to resolve this. Since you are taking such large steps I would imagine that the results would be comparable.


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