how to make the small ball slide into the groove in simscape

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Good day All!
I have a problem , I could do almost all the mechanism, my problem is how to make slide the little ball into the groove. whenever i run the program i got the follwing error message
['rotating_groove_cylinder_good_trial']: The following errors were found in the model rotating_groove_cylinder_good_trial.
Caused by:
['rotating_groove_cylinder_good_trial/Solver Configuration']: *** Model not assembled: position violation *** Resolve this issue in order to simulate the model.
the wheel rotates around a fixed hinge.
I have joined the program file,

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy 2021년 4월 27일
Hello there
I gave the mechanism a good try. It is all about positioning components with precision and then use the spatial force contact block wisely. Hope this can take you further in yoru endeavours. The diagram I refer too which you posted is found as attachment
Good Luck to you / Juan

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