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How do you transfer numeric data between 2 tables in 2 different GUI's?

Cordelle 님이 질문을 제출함. 3 Jul 2013
GUI1 has table1 and GUI2 has table2. table2 has editable cells which enable the user to type numeric data in the cells. I would like to be able to send the data entered into the cells in table2 to the 2nd column of table1.
i tried using setappdata(MasterSet,'CellData',table2{:}) to save the values in table2 to MasterSet handles but matlab is telling me that table2{:} is a undefined variable.
table2 is definitely the name of the table in the GUI.
any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated
Thanks, Cordelle
i created the GUI's using Guide

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If you have made 2 separate GUIs using GUIDE, then they are both running as functions. By default, they each own variables which are out of each-other's scopes. You may be able to share data between them by making your table data global. But why are you making two separate GUIs, as opposed to one, if they are going to share data in this way?

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