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Simulink wire color based on signal value?

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David Arenes
David Arenes 2021년 4월 21일
댓글: Jonas 2021년 4월 21일
Is it possible to change the colour of a wire/line in simulink based on the value of the signal on that line?
As an example, showing the line in green when te value of the signal is >0 and red when <0.
Thank you on advance!


Jonas 2021년 4월 21일
No. But you can preprocess the signal by multiplying it with a logical signal, which would be true when the signal is >0 for example. Then, you feed those separate signals to a Scope block using a Mux block. In the Scope block, you can change the individual signal color in the 'Style...' menu. There you can give the signal which is > 0 a green color. The disadvantage is that the signals will wrap down to 0 when 'not true'.
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Jonas 2021년 4월 21일
I guess it would work similarly when using the Simulation Data Inspector.

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