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Changing the same property of some axis children using subsasgn

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Diaa 18 Apr 2021 14:15
댓글: Diaa 18 Apr 2021 21:15
How to make the following code work in order to change the 'Visible' property of some children plots whose handles are stored in toHide using subsasgn?
f1 = figure;
ax1.NextPlot = 'add';
plot(ax1,[1,2],[3,4],'DisplayName','graph 1')
plot(ax1,[1,2],1.5*[3,4],'DisplayName','graph 2')
toHide = findobj(ax1,'-regexp','DisplayName','graph');
%% Method 1
toHide(:).Visible = {'off','off'};
%% Method 2
S = substruct('()',{':'},'.','Visible');
toHide(:).Visible = subsasgn( toHide , S , {'off','off'} );
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Diaa 18 Apr 2021 21:15
Thanks for the help.

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Matt J
Matt J 18 Apr 2021 16:16
편집: Matt J 18 Apr 2021 16:19
I assume you know that subsasgn is called implicitly whenever you make an assignment statement, as in the following:
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Matt J
Matt J 18 Apr 2021 21:01
No, it cannot be done solely with subsasgn, with no loops.

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