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Reading from Multiple files & Multiple sheets

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Unnikrishnan PC
Unnikrishnan PC 26 Jun 2013
I have 60 excel files named 1,2 ...60 and each file consists of 9 sheets(Same name). I have to read from these files and consolidate in another file. Can you please help me to do this operation by looping. see the code below. Can someone suggest an easier way to read sheet names by looping and getting sheet names from an array? Is it possible. Similarly can I get workbook names from an array?
exwb1 = ex.Workbooks.Open('C:\Advisory\1.xls');
exwb44 = ex.Workbooks.Open('C:\Advisory\Target.xls');
%-------------------Open WorkSheets in Workbooks-----------------
exSheet2=exwb2.Sheets.Item('Dip2 EPE');
exSheet3=exwb3.Sheets.Item('Dip2 ECE');
exSheet4=exwb4.Sheets.Item('Dip2 ME');
exSheet5=exwb5.Sheets.Item('Dip2 Arch');
exSheet6=exwb6.Sheets.Item('Dip2 QS');
exSheet7=exwb7.Sheets.Item('AD EPE');
exSheet8=exwb8.Sheets.Item('AD ECE');
exSheet9=exwb9.Sheets.Item('AD ME');
%Output File

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Tom 26 Jun 2013
for n = length(fileNames) %fileNames is a cell array of filenames
Book = Ex.workbooks.Open(fileNames{n});
for m = 1:length(sheetNames) % cell array of the 9 sheets
Sheet = Book.Sheets.Item(m);
%read from the sheets...
Book.Close %close workbook

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Unnikrishnan PC
Unnikrishnan PC 26 Jun 2013
Thank you for the help

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