Export several arrays with the same name to a xls

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lightworks . 2013년 6월 24일
I have a lot of *.mat, each one containing 3 arrays of the same name, that is:
  • file1.mat contains arrays A1, A2 and A3
  • file2.mat contains arrays A1, A2 and A3 ... and so on.
I need to export them to a xls, like this:
  • Sheet 1 containing, side by side, all the arrays named by A1
  • Sheet 2 containing, side by side, all the arrays named by A2
  • Sheet 3 containing, side by side, all the arrays named by A3
I've been trying for hours now and I can't make it work (my problem is the repeated array's name).
I loaded all the files with this (I don't even know if it's the right way):
s = what('./matrices/Tmax/');
for i=1:numel(matfiles);
x=load(['./matrices/Tmax/' char(matfiles(i))]);
I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!

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Leah 2013년 6월 24일
This will work up to the Z column in Excel (26 mat files) I don't know how many mat files you have.
mat_files=1:26; %number of mat files
excel_col=double('A'); %starting Excel Column
for m=mat_files
load(['file' num2str(m) '.mat']);
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Leah 2013년 6월 24일
Your modification is correct and the code works for me. Must be something specific to your data. My dummy data is just a bunch of numbers. Check out this info for possible solutions to that error code.

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